Could Hulu’s Runaways be getting the biggest MCU connection of any Marvel TV show yet? It sure looks that way from the new trailer for season 2. Take a watch, and meet me below. Nico (Lyrica Okano) sure seems to have the same eye thing going on as Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) did in Doctor Strange.… read more


Hulu is onboard for more of Marvel’s The Runaways. Despite my dislike for The Runaways first four episodes, I’ve kept watching and it’s… just okay. I’m not doing backflips over it. Well, Hulu is happy about it and has ordered a second season of 13 episodes, expanding from the 10 it ran in the first… read more


Hulu announced this week that it’s full-speed ahead with its first Marvel series, Runaways. After announcing the casting earlier this year, apparently, the pilot for Runaways worked as Hulu announced on Wednesday that it had ordered a full season. Footage from the pilot was shown at the presentation but has not been released publicly. Copies… read more

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February 3 2017

Hulu finds its Runaways

Marvel has announced that the cast has been chosen for the Runaways series coming to Hulu. Runaways has been in the works for some time as either a movie or television series, and it was announced this past August that it would be heading to Hulu. Things have been quiet since then, but now things… read more

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Marvel is expanding its TV presence yet again with the announcement that Hulu is developing a show based on The Runaways comic. It was revealed on Thursday via Deadline that Hulu is developing The Runaways for a series with Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage in conjunction with Marvel Television and ABC Signature. This… read more

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The Runaways, one of the most intriguing projects Marvel has tackled in ages, looks to be dead as a movie project for the time being. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, The Runaways tells the story of six teenagers who discover their parents are a group of super villains. Disgusted by this information… read more


Runaways, the award winning comic series from Marvel Entertainment, looks to finally be going before the movie cameras this Jan. Of course, this movie has been in “development hell” since 2007, so there is still no guarantee it will really happen.  However, all that being said, as a recent convert to the series, I am really hopeful… read more

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