Sacha Baron Cohen

Once again, the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences – the folks behind the Oscars – have shown just how stodgy and stuffy they can be. It was announced today that AMPAS has pulled the tickets ear marked for Sacha Baron Cohen.  This is in spite of him being an Academy member and co-starring… read more

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Sacha Baron Cohen is one of those guys that either hits or misses with his humor, but more often than not it’s a hit. In his next film he’s moving away from the ambush/candid camera style that he was so successful with in Borat and Bruno and moving on to actual scripted content … and it… read more


Say what you will about Sacha Baron Cohen, but there is no denying his willingness to push the envelope. In 2006 he made a splash with his film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Sure, it wasn’t for everyone, but when you really watched it, you started to see… read more

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