Salad Bar Etiquette

Well here’s a follow-up post I never thought I would have to write. Back in January 2008 I wrote a short post about Salad Bar Etiquette and the things people do while going through a salad bar that annoyed me to no end.  You know, making artistic arrangements, chatting with their friends and so on.… read more


It has been brought to my attention by some of my very astute commenters on this blog that I am a very jealous person. From the post Dancing With The Stars Band came this comment. JB Uh. Where do I start except you obviously have no idea who plays in that band. You can always… read more

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Been grocery shopping lately? Anyone annoyed you? I can almost assure you you have run into one of these people. In general I try to do my grocery shopping at 12 or 1 AM just so I can avoid the vast majority of people you run into in the store.  Sometimes I have no choice… read more

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