It looks you can throw out those theories of Thanos being the big enemy in The Avengers 2 as the official title reveals a totally different menace. Saturday night at San Diego Comic Con Marvel took to the stage to make several announcements about its upcoming slate of films. Chief amongst them was the unveiling… read more

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The marketing machine is in full swing at San Diego Comic Con 2013 as one would expect, and some new information is being released for the first time on X-Men: Days of Future Past. Up top you will find a picture of the Sentinels Mark I, the robots built by Trask Industries to round up… read more


Scattercast is 53… and Sean is very, very tired. – The dogs bark again towards the end, sorry – Some thoughts on the passing of Walter Cronkite. – Why are we going back to the Moon? – A company wants to sell advertising space carved into the Moon. Who are these idiots? – Lots of… read more

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