Reflections can happen at the oddest times, like when you log in to your blog to think about what to write for that day. Whenever you log in to a WordPress powered blog, you see the main Dashboard page, and one of the things it shows you is posts you did on that same date… read more

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I have returned from SummerMash Seattle, and in the words of Karen Hartline of Mashable… “We rocked it out.” For those not sure what a SummerMash is, it is a tour of seven cities Mashable is holding networking events in, where our sponsors can set up to meet people, and Mashable employees can talk with… read more

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On my second, and last day in Seattle (my entire time here is 46 hours), and I had some random observations to make about the place. – I knew my trip to Seattle was complete once I saw some protesters.  I really didn’t care what they were talking about, I just needed to see some… read more

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Blogging Work

July 11 2008


I’ve made it to Seattle for Summer Mash Seattle, and no, I can’t see the Space Needle from my room.  (I can see an office building, but everyone seems to assume I can see the Needle) I was up at 6:15 AM, which for me is unheard of.  The only time I ever see 6:15… read more


Well, it’s just been settled and I will be attending my first, and possibly only,  Mashable party.  For those of you in the tech world, make sure to mark your calendars for July 12th for Summer Mash Seattle. Besides myself, boss man Pete Cashmore and Karen Hartline will be in attendance, so no need to… read more

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