The police evidence photos of Vince Shlomi’s altercation with a hooker have leaked, and they are less than pretty. Vince Shlomi, better known as “The Shamwow Guy”, was in a fight with a hooker named Sasha Harris back in February.  The story goes that Mr. Shlomi met Ms. Harris in a Miami bar and agreed… read more

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Are you following me camera guy? Here I go right into the jail cell… Vince Shlomi, better known as The Shamwow Guy, has been arrested for beating a hooker. The best part of the story is that he is claiming he beat her in self-defense. According to The Smoking Gun, Mr. Shlomi, 44, paid Sasha… read more

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I think we can officially say the end times are nigh. Billy Mays, the loud and obnoxious pitch man of such wonderful products as OxiClean, is getting his own reality series on Discovery.  According to the story in the Hollywood Reporter, he and, the almost-as-annoying, Anthony Sullivan will have a series entitled But Wait… There’s… read more

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I watch listen to a lot of TV as I do my writing, and the new onslaught of pitchmen and annoying products is just amazing. Over there, to the right… do you see him?  Don’t look directly at Vince!  His crazy eyes have the power to hypnotize you into buying a ShamWOW! (“It’s made in… read more

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