After one dark movie after another, it appears that the DC Extended Universe may finally be making a turn that will make it a bit lighter. I am not a fan of the character Shazam. Plain and simple, he has always bored me. That being said, at least the film looks like it will be… read more

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The role of Shazam has finally been filled and… it wasn’t who I was expecting at all. Meet your new Shazam/Captain Marvel… Zachery Levi? Now… look up at the picture of Shazam. Look back at the picture of Zachery Levi… I don’t get it. Additionally, and no offense to him, but I also just don’t… read more

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It appears all systems are go on Shazam finally with filming to begin in early 2018 with David F. Sandberg directing. Excuse me while I continue to be underwhelmed this movie is even happening. There is no doubt that I am a life-long comic book fan, but this is a character that has never appealed to… read more

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Warner Brothers isn’t messing around any longer, and it’s time for it to stage a full-frontal assault on the Marvel movies. The slate of upcoming DC movies was announced through 2020 and answered a few questions everyone had. Apparently the only missing films are solo films for Batman and Superman, but they will be announced… read more

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been laying down hints for months, but he has finally revealed what DC character he will be tackling. Johnson has not been quiet about his involvement with a DC movie, and had even thrown at hints it was something to do with Shazam, but many thought it would be in… read more

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Warner Brothers future DC Comics film plans are starting to take shape if some new domain name registrations are to be believed. The folks over at Tech Times noticed Warner Brothers recently purchased itself four shiny new domain names. Those include: All four domains currently redirect you to Warner Brothers main… read more

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Warner Brothers is apparently done just dabbling in doing films and is going to go full speed into a massive slate of films. Marvel keeps itself to two films a year, but it seems DC Comics and its parent company, Warner Brothers, has decided it needs to catch up and wants to release three films… read more

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