Back in July I bought the Phillips VoIP841B system for my warehouse, and after trying it out for awhile, I just have to say I love it. The basic idea is it’s a dual-mode system that can work with your traditional landline as well as your Skype account. While I have the landline plugged in,… read more

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I noticed something this morning when I started my computer at work that annoys the hell out of me: IM programs.When did it become so insane that I have to have four IM programs open at all times? I’m not even counting Skype in all this, though I always have it on, but I meant… read more

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Skype released the newest version of their software, and there’s a couple of nifty new features. Some of them I haven’t gotten to play with yet like Call Forwarding and Live Chats, but one I’m loving is the new extension for Firefox. It installs in to Firefox, and it turns ANY phone number on a… read more

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