First it was Guiding Light, and now As The World Turns is going to the great soap opera heaven in the sky. It was announced today that CBS would not be renewing As The World Turns for the 2010/2011 television season, meaning that the last air date for the show would be Sept. 17,2010.  This… read more

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May 18 2008

Soap Opera Geogrpahy

As I have admitted before, I watch All My Children. Laugh if you must, I own up to it. And not long ago, I also added watching The Young and the Restless. It is actually better than AMC, but I’ve been watching that one so long, I doubt I could stop if I wanted to.… read more

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January 16 2007


So, I know most of you are bored with hearing about, but something very, very cool happened today. As I was logging in for the morning and checking in with my email, I was getting notes from my fellow BAM fans about if I had heard about the TV mention I got. I had… read more

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