It seemed like we were safe from these rumors when they died out after the series finale of The Sopranos, but all of a sudden they are rising from the depths like some sort of zombie mobster. Lorraine Bracco, who payed Tony Soprano’s shrink, Dr. Melfi, has been talking about the possibility of a big… read more

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I’ve just about had it with HBO and their DVD shenanigans. I’ve talked before about my love of The Wire, and I have picked up the DVD sets as they came out.  Before season 5 premiered, they ran three prequel stories that took place well before season 1 on Amazon.  These were not included on… read more

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June 12 2007

Back To The Sopranos

I’m going to cut this for those who haven’t watched it yet.… read more

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In preparation of the final nine episodes of the Sopranos… some refreshers. Every episode recapped in 7:34. And a list of all the deaths. Good fun. The Sopranos In 7 Minutes All The Sopranos Who Have Died… read more