Star Wars The Last Jedi

It looks like Rian Johnson may get a second shot at Star Wars. As Lucasfilm deals with the fallout of Colin Trevorrow exiting directing duties on Episode IX, a shortlist of directors has been put together, and it seems Johnson may do back-to-back times at bat. While that may seem to make sense, and Lucasfilm… read more

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Sphero has done it again. This R2-D2 must be mine. Last year the hottest toy for the holiday season was the app-controlled BB-8 from Sphero. He’s adorable and fun to play with. I have one on my desk. But my true droid love has always been R2-D2, and really any astromech droid. Above my desk… read more


If it’s a new Star Wars movie, that means there must be new toys… I mean story essential vehicles. As someone who has collected Star Wars memorabilia since 1977, even I sometimes have to go, “Yeah, you’re doing this for the toys.” I remember when Revenge of the Sith hit theaters and every Clone battalion… read more

Lets be honest, this summer film season is tanking hard and it’s time the studios realize this. There was a time when the movie studios ruled the summer months. It was a trade-off with television, to be honest. In the summer kids are out of school and have more time to leave the house so… read more

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If after seeing Star Wars The Last Jedi you ask yourself about why it doesn’t seem totally connected to The Force Awakens, there’s a reason for that. Conversing with a fan on Twitter, Last Jedi director Rian Johnson revealed that there was no plan for his film other than it was to build off of… read more

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At long last, we have some footage from a Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer. One of the drawbacks to a Star Wars movie a year? It shortens the promotional window. Disney can’t promote the next film until the previous one is out on home video. That means everyone needs to wait a little longer… read more


We can all sleep better tonight as the greatest mystery of our time has been solved. As soon as The Last Jedi was announced as the title of Episode VIII, speculation began if it was a singular or plural tense. As Jedi is a made up word, the films established that the word was both… read more

Lucasfilm is starting to kick the marketing machine into gear for The Last Jedi, and we’re off to the races with a look at the new heroic trio. On Thursday Lucasfilm unveiled the packaging for the toys hitting stores this Force Friday, and with it comes our first looks at Rey, Poe and Finn. Poe… read more

Let the speculation commence! On Monday Lucasfilm announced that Star Wars Episode VIII will officially be titled Star Wars The Last Jedi. Speculation fired up within seconds, and there is good reason why. The subtitles of the Star Wars films have been known to be a bit obtuse at times, and this one could have… read more

Following the death of Carrie Fisher, the people behind the Star Wars franchise have some details to work out. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the directors of Star Wars Episode VIII and Star Wars Episode IX – Rian Johnson and Colin Trevorrow respectively – will be in Los Angeles next week to speak with Disney… read more

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The Force is still strong with the Skywalker saga. The box office is winding down for 2016 and it’s time to start looking ahead to 2017 and what will be a hit. Fandango has released its annual list of the most anticipated films of the year, and while the top of the list isn’t much… read more

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Star Wars Episode VIII is still over a year away, but it may finally be time to put to rest the idea that Rey is a Skywalker. My thoughts on whether or not Rey is Luke’s daughter has gone back and forth since The Force Awakens. As of late I’m landing on the side that… read more

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