Everyone is giving love to the fact Supernatural has been renewed for a 15th season. May I remind you that Archie Andrews is back for a fourth season of Riverdale? Here are the 10 series The CW renewed on Thursday. Arrow (season 8) Black Lightning (season 3) Charmed (season 2) DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (season… read more

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As a Supergirl film – unrelated to the TV series – is moving forward, the list of potential directors is said to be shrinking. According to Geeks WorldWide, Reed Morano is currently the leader of the possibilities, but no official offer has been sent to her as of yet. Morano has handled several episodes of… read more


It’s getting to be that time of year where all of the networks announce which shows are coming back, and The CW isn’t wasting any time. The CW typically does early renewals, and this year is no different. The networks announced 10 renewals on Monday, and none of them are that surprising. Arrow (Season 7)… read more

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As I watched the first episode of Supergirl this season, a commercial played and I thought, “You know what… I’m done with this.” No, I’m not quitting Supergirl, but I’m quitting pretty much anything that involves commercials. I did some quick math and what I discovered just angered me. About 2 & 1/2 years ago… read more

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The CW has announced its mid-season premiere dates and that a few shows will not come back for the back half of the year. The majority of The CW lineup is coming back for the second half of the season, but not amongst them will be Frequency and No Tomorrow. This wasn’t necessarily planned, but… read more

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September 28 2016

CW gears up for a big season

The CW is gearing up for a big season it seems and is making several moves to make sure you don’t forget it. Despite most networks already being a couple weeks into their fall seasons, The CW kicks off its new episodes next week, and to that end it has launched a new sizzle reel… read more

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It sounds as though The CW has a lot in store for us this year on its DC shows, and a lot of it sounds awesome. The CW held its panel at the Television Critics Association meetings and there was a ton of news for all of its DC shows. Arrow At long last, season… read more

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Supergirl finally has the family together as her cousin Superman is set to make his debut in season two of the series. As Supergirl moves to The CW this fall, along with it will finally come the debut of Kal El, better known as Clark Kent and Superman. Tyler Hoechlin was chosen to play the key… read more


Yet another unusual bit of casting news has surfaced for all of the DC shows on The CW. In May it was announced that Wentworth Miller had signed on as a “universe regular” across all of the Greg Berlanti shows on The CW meaning Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and the recently added Supergirl.… read more

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At long last the Supergirl TV series will be able to stop making excuses as to why we never see Superman. Supergirl played out its first season on CBS where several references were made to Superman, and we saw him either in shadows or at a distance, but we never saw him up close. That… read more


Supergirl is coming back for season 2, but she will be calling a new network home. Debuting this season on CBS, Supergirl has pulled in okay numbers, but not great ones. As renewal season approached there started to be some chatter that the show wouldn’t be renewed, or it could pull an unusual move on… read more

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The 2015/2016 TV season is winding down, and that means it’s time to start prepping for the season finales of all your favorite series. CBS has announced its season finale dates for all of its series, and reminds us that the season is coming to an end and leading us into the long months of… read more

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