With production slated to begin in early 2014 on Batman Vs Superman, Warner Brothers needs a new actor to take up the cowl of the Batman. And that is setting off a whole lot of speculation as to who is up for the job. While you might think the upcoming Batman Vs Superman can just… read more

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It appears that the Superman-Batman film announced at San Diego Comic Con will indeed have the two hereos fighting it out on the big screen. Speaking at the Superman 75th Anniversary panel at the annual convention, script writer David S. Goyer provided some more details on what we can expect from the film that sent… read more

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You knew it had to happen someday, but it appears 2015 is when the inevitable Superman/Batman World’s Finest movie will be hitting the screen. Announced at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday, Zack Snyder took to the stage to announce that the sequel to Man of Steel is currently being scripted by himself and David… read more

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The new Superman film, Man of Steel, will open next week, and the marketing machine is kicking into high gear. With that comes a new featurette that goes behind the scenes and gives us some insights into design choices that were made about the look and feel of the film. It has been obvious since… read more


Man of Steel has received a third trailer, and once again your hopes may soar. After some very disappointing photos came out for Man of Steel, nerves started to kick in for many on whether or not the trailers were fibbing to us. Now we have a third one that gives us a glimpse of Krypton, the… read more

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Man of Steel is coming out in just around two months, and thanks to Entertainment Weekly we finally have a look at the villains. The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has hit the iPad, and /Film was kind enough to post the pictures from the cover story on Man of Steel. While there isn’t anything… read more


The full trailer for The Man of Steel is what all trailers should aspire to be. It may surprise those of you who know what a fan I am of comic books, I have never been that big on Superman. I have always found him rather boring as he has gotten far too powerful over… read more

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DC Comics has announced that an iconic character will soon be coming out as gay. Co-publisher Dan DiDio of DC Comics was speaking at the Kapow Comic Convention in London on Sunday according to Bleeding Cool where he revealed that a character would be coming out as gay.  There has been soem debate if it is a… read more

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Filming on Man of Steel, the Superman reboot film, is currently taking place in Plano, IL which is doubling for Smallville in the film.  Thanks to this outdoor filming we have some images and … no. We saw the first picture of Henry Cavill in the costume early last month, and it didn’t look too bad, the colors were… read more

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Despite the fact that Man of Steel, the Superman reboot film, has been pushed back to a 2013 release date, that hasn’t started the publicity machine from already firing up. Released last week, but somewhat lost in The Dark Knight Rises photos leaking out, was the first publicity image of Henry Cavill in the Superman… read more

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It looks like Russell Crowe may be joining the cast of Man of Steel as Superman’s biological father, Jor-El. The cast of the new Superman film to be directed by Zack Snyder is growing by leaps and bounds.  If the newest rumors are to be believed, Russell Crowe, an actor as famous for being difficult… read more

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Lets just get this out of the way, yes, Superman renounces his U.S. citizenship in Action Comics #900. It has been all over the media for the past several days, but it sure would be nice if it wasn’t quite so obvious that the majority of those writing this up as news had so obviously… read more

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