According to new reports, Clive Barker is in talks to reboot Nightbreed as a TV series over at Syfy. Based off of a short-story called Cabal, the property was turned into a feature film in 1990 under the name Nightbreed. Since then the property has been pretty silent. According to the report from Deadline, Barker… read more

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I’ve been following the development of Krypton for what feels like ages, and with the first full trailer out… I still don’t get it. For those of you unfamiliar with Superman lore, Krypton was his home planet. So now, we need an origin story. No, not of Jor-El putting his son Kal-El in a rocket… read more


At long last Krypton has a pilot order at Syfy. For nearly two years now the script for a Superman prequel series entitled Krypton has been kicking around over at Syfy. The story will be set two generations prior to Kal-El (Superman) departing the world as it explodes and will tell the story of his… read more


It’s been nearly a year since we’ve heard anything about the proposed Krypton prequel series headed to Syfy, but it is apparently still in development. David S. Goyer is out promoting the final season of Da Vinci’s Demons, and of course the topic of his Krypton prequel series has been touched upon as well. Goyer… read more

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Syfy is going to get into the prequel business it appears with the story of what happened on Krypton years before its destruction. David S. Goyer, the screenwriter behind Man of Steel, has entered development with the Syfy channel on a new series entitled Krypton that will tell the story of Superman’s grandfather and how… read more

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BBC America, once a bastion of British programming, seems to have completely lost track of its original intended purpose. Last year I complained when it was announced that BBC America was going to start showing Star Trek: The Next Generation.  While I could somewhat grasp the concept as Patrick Stewart is a well respected British… read more

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I guess there is something to be said for acknowledging just how bad your movies are, but when you actually aim for schlock, are you even trying any more? Syfy has the tagline “Imagine Greater”, and if the channel even did so, I might go into shock.  Instead it churns out one horrible film after… read more

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