The Dictator

It seems the summer box office may be recovering a bit if this weekend is any indication. No one was quite sure how Snow White and the Huntsman would do at the box office, but it ended up bringing in a healthy $56.2 million in its debut weekend.  It actually saw an increase from Friday… read more

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The next time there is a disaster film made, it may be entitled “The Summer of 2012 Box Office Results.” The Avengers finally dropped out of first place at the box office this weekend with the introduction of Men in Black 3.  The first installment in the series in a decade came in with $55… read more

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Yet again The Avengers ruled the box office, and boy did the rest of the top five stink up the place. The Avengers added another $55 million to its box office haul in the U.S. and it is now Disney’s highest earning film in history both here and worldwide.  The domestic total stands at $457… read more

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Even in its second weekend, The Avengers continues to dominate the records. Following its $207.3 million first weekend, pundits began to wonder what The Avengers could do in its second weekend.  No film had ever done more than 75 million in a second outing, and no comic book film has ever lost as little as… read more

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Sacha Baron Cohen is one of those guys that either hits or misses with his humor, but more often than not it’s a hit. In his next film he’s moving away from the ambush/candid camera style that he was so successful with in Borat and Bruno and moving on to actual scripted content … and it… read more