The Expendables 2

Welcome to the fall movie season, folks. What does this mean? Really unexciting box office numbers. How unexciting? Well, this was the worst weekend of the year by 37 percent, and it was the worst performance since the same weekend in 2008. Pretty much everything underperformed. Keeping the number one spot with a 46.4 percent… read more

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The summer of 2012 is not going to go down as a good one for the movie industry despite a few hits. This summer may have started off with the monster hit of The Avengers, but since then it has been one car wreck after another at the box office. As we close out the… read more

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That giant yawn you heard this weekend was coming from the box office. Welcome to late August, folks. This is traditionally a slow time for movie going, but this weekend was insane. I can’t remember the last time that a summer weekend ended up being the lowest for the year, but that’s exactly what happened.… read more

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It looks like at least a few people were up for another film about things just blowing up … a lot. The Expendables 2 won the box office this weekend with an estimated $28.7 million. This is off of the $34 million opening of the original, but the (thankfully false) bomb threat called into the… read more

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The Dark Knight is no longer rising as Bourne’s legacy takes the top spot at the box office. The Bourne Legacy, the fourth film in the Bourne series, took top honors at the box office this weekend with an estimated $40.2 million.  This is well behind of the $52 million opening weekend for The Bourne Supremacy,… read more

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