The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Ever wondered just how many copies of a film get pirated in a year? It may be more than you think. Piracy-tracking firm Excipio has released its annual list of which films were downloaded the most throughout the year via various piracy sites. Now, before you go through this list, I always take these with… read more

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What were the 10 films to bring in the most money in the U.S. in 2013? Lets find out. After celebrating failure yesterday with the biggest box office flops of 2013, it’s time to also celebrate some success. While the international markets have become far more important as of late, some films can still make… read more

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The second Hobbit movie may have taken the weekend, but it didn’t match last year’s release. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug took the top spot this weekend with $73.6 million, and, while impressive, came in $11 million behind the first film in the trilogy that launched last December. It took in $131.2 million in… read more

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A smallish week for new releases led to some interesting change-ups in the top spots at the box office this weekend. Disney’s Frozen dropped 53 percent from last week, but it still took in a healthy $31.6 million domestically which brings its total to $134.2 million off of its $150 million dollar budget. Hunger Games:… read more

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The Hunger Games took home the prize at the top of the box office for a second weekend. Hunger Games: Catching Fire, won its second weekend despite a 52.9 percent drop from its opening weekend. It took in another $74.5 million to bring its domestic total to $296.5 million off of a $130 million dollar… read more

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It appears that movie going audiences are even more in love with The Hunger Games than last time around. Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second film in the series, had the fourth biggest opening weekend ever, and the biggest weekend ever for Nov. With $161.1 million the film brought in $9 million more than the… read more

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Once again Marvel is enjoying the afterglow of its success of The Avengers. Thor: The Dark World took the top spot at the box office again this week with another $38.4 million at the box office, bringing it to $146.96 million domestically. It has now hit $479.76 million globally, and has surpassed the original film… read more

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The Avengers effect on the box office is still hanging in there as Marvel continues to rule the box office. Thor: The Dark World took the top spot this weekend with $86.1 million, well ahead of the $65.7 the first film scored in its opening weekend. Combined with its foreign gross to date, the film… read more

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We’ve made it! It’s the fourth quarter of 2013 and time to take a look at the final films of the year! I decided to attempt something new this year where I would make some comments about every major release for the year before they released. I have compiled the list and broken it down… read more

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Disney is moving quickly to get Star Wars Episode VII into shape for its 2015 release, and with that, Michael Arndt has been signed to write the script. Arndt isn’t a household name, but he won the 2006 Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Little Miss Sunshine, and has since gone on to be… read more

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