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The Batman Live World Arena Tour will be opening this summer in the United Kingdom, and if these first photos re anything to judge by … can we just end it now? While there are certain to be some difference to make things appear better on stage, one that will be over 100 feet long,… read more

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Before I say anything about this, please note I have taken a heaping pile of salt with this, and I suggest you also partake of said pile of salt. Last night, Steven Hodson pointed me to a post on claiming that that some sort of paperwork confirmed that not only is The Riddler the… read more

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It may be hard to believe, but there was once a time where a movie based on a comic book being released was like some sort of weird dream.  It was rare, and it was even rarer that they were actually good.  Luckily all of that has changed over the years, and the rule of… read more

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I was looking through the recent traffic to my website, and it concerns me… People are looking up way too many pictures of Heath Ledger as the Joker. While I certainly have sung the praises of his performance in The Dark Knight,it doesn’t mean I’d dress up as him.  The number of searches I’m seeing… read more

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Welcome back to the second episode of Scattercast! I hope you all enjoyed the first one, because the second one is far better, I feel! Here is what you can look forward to this week. Intro – Me taking care of some housekeeping of the podcast. 7:15 Bruce Lidl from DivX comes on the show… read more

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The sequel to Batman Begins is filming, this time out, entitled The Dark Knight. This time around, my favorite Batman villain is up to bat (HA!), The Joker. To me, The Joker demonstrates that Batman is as insane as the enemies he fights. Off-kilter, not right in his own head, and coming from a place… read more

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