The Martian

Normally I stay out of the “so and so got snubbed” debate that follows every Oscar nominations announcement, but this year a couple odd things grabbed my attention. To be clear, I have not seen every film and performance, and will try to note that where I feel necessary. Best Picture The Big Short, Brad… read more

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It looks like the James Bond folks may have shot a little high this time. After the success of Skyfall it looked like the next James Bond film was going to be a monster, and the producers spent accordingly. While Spectre is doing well, it’s trailing the last film to be sure. It won this… read more

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Bond is back… but don’t pop the champagne for it quite yet. While Spectre won the box office this weekend with $73M, that is $15M below the opening weekend of Skyfall. That’s not good. Yes, the film already stands globally at $299M off of a reported budget of $245M, but remember it needs to at… read more

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Kudos to The Martian for holding on to the top spot at the box office again, but it was still the worst weekend of the year at the box office. The Martian took the top spot with $11.4M and a new domestic total of $182.8M off of its $108M budget. Globally it has hit $428.4M… read more

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Kudos to The Martian for regaining the top spot at the box office, but considering the number new of releases this weekend, that was not a good thing. The Martian took the top spot back with $15.9M and a new domestic total of $166.35M off of its $108M budget. Globally it has hit $384.35M so… read more

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The box office had three new films this weekend, and they definitely shook up the status quo of the past few weeks. Goosebumps, based on the popular series of books, took the top spot this weekend with $23.5M off of a $58M budget. Seeing as it needs $116M to break even in Hollywood math, it… read more

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Audiences are still wanting to know how the heck Matt Damon gets off of Mars. The Martian held on to first place in its second weekend dropping only 31.9 percent from its opening weekend. It took in $37M for a new domestic total of $108.71M, and a global haul of $227.81M, off of a $108M… read more

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Everyone love the red planet it seems. The Martian, the latest film from Ridley Scott took the top spot at the box office this weekend with $55M. That’s just $700K the current record holder for an October opening which happens to be held by Gravity. Second place went to Hotel Transylvania 2 which dropped just… read more

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Sony finally scored a win this weekend at the box office. I guess everyone has their day. Hotel Transylvania 2 set a new record for a September box office opening beating the old one held by, you guessed it, the first Hotel Transylvania. It also set a record Sony Animation with a $47.5M opening off… read more

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Ridley Scott is back with a new film, and it looks like it could make you think twice about going to Mars. Based on a book by first time author Andy Weir, The Martian tells the tale of an Astronaut stranded on Mars by his crew when they believe him to be dead. With only… read more


Welcome to the fourth of four parts of an analysis of every major film release of 2015. Following up on last year’s product, I’m back with a look at the films of 2015. Something different I’m trying this year is you will first get the quarterly breakdowns, and then an overall post will be like a… read more

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