The Rum Diary

It wasn’t a very happy year at the box office in 2011, and while the total for the year dropping was bad enough, some movies suffered more than others. While there are always certain to be films each year that don’t fare well at the box office, some did spectacularly bad this year. Even bankable… read more

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Apparently people who missed going to the theaters last weekend due to the weather made up for it this weekend by keeping last week’s top contender rolling in the catnip. Falling a mere 3.1% from last weekend, Puss in Boots brought in another $33 million. This is probably a little bit of an oddity due to… read more

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An unseasonably early snow storm in the upper northeast put a damped on the box office this weekend, but that couldn’t keep the first spin off film from the Shrek series from scoring a nice chunk of change. Snow in the northeast kept the box office receipts a bit lower than expected this weekend, but… read more

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Apparently the movie going audience hasn’t yet tired of the “found footage” horror film genre as the third film in the Paranormal Activity series set records for an October opening. Paranormal Activity 3 scared up $54 million in its opening weekend to set a record for the biggest opening ever for October and the largest… read more

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