Toy Fair


January 6 2019

Following My Own Rules

I didn’t mean to do a series on work-related stuff, but here we ware. With tomorrow being the first full week of work since the holidays, and 40 days to Toy Fair, I’m going to start emailing my contacts on Monday to book appointments. What am I not going to do? Email them in the… read more

Toy Fair 2017 was a success for TechnoBuffalo, and that means that I’m heading back for another round of walking the floor of the Javits Center. As you read this I’m about to head to the airport and start making my way to New York for a week. First a couple days of meetings, then… read more

It’s amazing how life can be circular sometimes. Long before I had this site I had a five year run of writing for print magazines (remember those?) as one of the leading experts on action figures. I worked for a couple different magazines, and there was a short period where every toy price guide in… read more