You have to give it to Hasbro, they sure know how to sucker a collector back into their world. I was really starting to pull away from Star Wars toys because they were well past the figures that I really had any concern with. Then they announced that in celebration of the 30th anniversary of… read more

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While I have hated both Transformers movies, I have appreciated what they have done for the toy line.  I may be 39, but I still have a deep love of toys, and I collect those that interest me. All that being said, all of the pictures popping up from the filming Chicago seem to indicate… read more

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Scattercast is 45… and it’s turning in to an old yelling guy. – Okay, so I work too much, I admit it. Oh well. – Walmart is changing their stores, and it may end up damaging one industry quite a bit. How did we let one retailer have this much power? – The new Buffy… read more

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I’ve waited 30 years for a better Millennium Falcon toy. The picture to the right shows what’ I’ve been waiting for. See, the one they released in 1978 was “okay”, but it always seemed lacking. It was stubby looking, the guns on top didn’t sit right, it had no bottom guns… that really bothered me… read more

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I’ve mentioned in the past that I used to be a magazine writer, but I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned most of the articles were about toys and action figures. I’m considered an expert on boy’s toys lines from the 1980’s and early 1990’s, and I know more about toys than most people really should.… read more

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