Mad Max Fury Road logo

The last trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road not only brings a ton of new footage, but at last an idea to the plot.

The Mad Max films have never exactly been heavy in plot, but it’s at least nice to know that there will be something causing all of the vehicular mayhem we’ve seen in the footage that has been released. My thinking is what you see in the way of the plot here is going to be pretty much it, and that’s fine with me.

It seems that Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) is trying to free the brides of Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) and somehow “Mad” Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) gets thrown into the mix, leading to a massive car chase throughout the wastelands.

I’ll say this for George Miller, he does come up with the most interesting names for his characters. Beyond that, however, these movies are purely about insane car chases… and they’re awesome.

Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters on May 15, 2015.


Godzilla 2014 movie - 1

Could there finally be a decent Godzilla film made in the U.S.? It’s sure looking like it.

After that disastrous 1998 Godzilla film, I was convinced a decent film about the King of All Monsters could be made here. We simply didn’t grasp the concept. You have to remember, the original Godzilla concept was born out of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing of World War II as was pretty much everything else Japan’s entertainment industry did since then. He was a reactionary creation to the events that were shaping their part of the world. No matter how silly the series got as it rolled along, it originally came from a very dark place in that nation’s history.

Apparently this new film is going to follow a somewhat similar path, and this is not going to be some giant lizard laying eggs in Madison Square Garden.

… Lets all just forget that happened, shall we?

There’s a lot I love in this trailer – especially the idea the 1950s nuclear “testing” were actually attempts to kill off Godzilla – but I am oddly concerned by just how big he is. I mean, I love a giant monster, but he almost seems too big to me for some reason.

Do pay close attention, there appear to be some hints to there being more kaiju than just the big man, and that always makes for a good time.

Godzilla hits theaters May 16.


Transformers Age of Extinction Super Bowl Commercial

The Super Bowl teaser trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction finally gives us official confirmation of the Dinobots appearing in the film.

Not that there were many doubts at this point, it is nice to finally have confirmation that the Dinobots will be appearing in Transformers: Age of Extinction. It also looks like Megatron is back (although I suspect he is actually going by a different name… fans know what I’m talking about.)

Other than Optimus Prime riding a robotic dinosaur, it looks like we’re in for the usual Michael Bay trademarks such as sparkly explosions.

Transformers: Age of Extinction hits theaters on June 27.



Need for Speed released some new footage for the Super Bowl. You’ll be shocked to learn it involves cars.

The latest footage for Need for Speed gives us a bit more insight into the revenge portion of the story, but it mainly focuses on the action. Doesn’t matter, it still feels like Fast & the Furious-lite to me.

Need for Speed races into theaters on March 14.



The new trailer for Hercules: The Legend Begins looks like someone from the recently ended Spartacus series on Starz had some left over props.

For some crazy reason there will be two movies based on the legend of Hercules in 2014, and the first to hit screens will be Hercules: The Legend Begins. The second will premiere later in the year and stars Dwayne Johnson. The final trailer for the first one hit today, and… well… it looks awful. Like, really awful.

Oh, Hollywood. Just stop.

Hercules: The Legend Begins hits theaters on Jan. 10, 2014.


Muppets Most Wanter Animal

Muppets Most Wanted is on the way next year, and it looks like it will be just as fun as the first film.

I have always been a huge fan of the Muppets, so it thrills me to see new content coming out from them. The first film came out in 2011 and was a bigger success than many predicted, so it only made sense a sequel would come along.

The two trailers below give you a sense of the story, but honestly, does anyone watch the Muppets that much for the story? Give me the jokes and the very random star cameos.

Muppets Most Wanted Domestic Trailer

Muppets Most Wanted International Trailer

Muppets Most Wanted will hit theaters on March 2, 2014.



One has to wonder if the new Need for Speed film is all about setting up a new Fast and the Furious franchise. It sure seems like it.

Lets face it, since Fast & Furious, the fourth film in the series, the movies have been raking it in. It makes sense that someone else would finally step in to try to get some of that sweet car money. Enter Need for Speed based on the video game series of the same name.

Aaron Paul, bust known for his role on Breaking Bad, will be taking the lead in this film which, honestly, sounds like another installment in the current incarnation of the other series. Revenge story? Check. Crazy car stunts? Check. Loose plot? Check.

We’ll find out just how true this all is when Need for Speed hits theaters on March 14, 2014.


Machete Kills logo

How a fake trailer in another film has turned in to two actual movies is beyond me, but somehow Robert Rodriguez has pulled it off with his Machete series.

What began as a fake trailer in the Grindhouse film down by Rodriguez and Tarantino has turned into not only one film, but a follow-up. And, oddly enough, supposedly there are plans for a third film called Machete Kills Again. Overall I have to say Rodriguez has captured the overall vibe of the low-budget 1970’s films, but I get the distinct feeling he will go a bit heavy handed with a message again at the end. We’ll just have to see. (Have all the messages you want in a film, but radical tone shifts in the third act never makes me a happy camper.)

A word of warning before you watch this trailer… there is a reason it’s a red band trailer and you have to enter your birth date. It is extremely violent. You’ve been warned.

Machete Kills hits theaters on Oct. 11.


300: Rise of an Empire

300: Rise of an Empire, the sequel to the extremely popular 300, released a new trailer today that still leaves me wondering why this needed to exist.

I will never grasp why the original 300 did so well. It was fun to look at, but the film had too many extraneous things going on as so many Hollywood films do these days. It was painfully slow at times, and downright boring at certain moments. But when you gross $456 million globally off of a $65 million dollar budget, you get a sequel.

300: Rise of an Empire will deal with the real life naval battle that happened off the coast of Greece around the same time as the Battle of Thermopylae, the basis for the first film. I can’t see it being all that interesting, but you never know what people will like. My prediction? This won’t do anywhere as well as the original.

300: Rise of an Empire hits theaters on March 7, 2014.


Lego Movie logo

Lets just get this out of the way: Between now and the release of The Lego Movie in 2014, block/building puns are going to flow like water. Deal with it.

If you had told me years ago that there would be a movie based on Lego I would have looked at you like you were insane. Then came a massively successful line of video games that actually gave the ubiquitous blocks personalities and story lines. Who would have thought that was even possible?

While I can’t imagine myself seeing this in theaters, I did get a couple chuckles out of the trailer, and I actually think it might do okay at the box office. You never know these days.


Elysium still

Elysium is the latest film from Neill Blomkamp, and it looks amazing.

While Neill Blomkamp may not be a household name yet, I’ve been watching his career with some interest for a while now, and if you’ve seen District 9, you know it. He has an amazing talent for making the most otherworldly items looks like they belong next to the car in your driveway.

This trailer has definitely caught my attention, and I’m ready to go back into Blomkamp’s world.

Elysium opens Aug. 9, 2013.


300: Rise of an Empire

Yes, the world really needed a sequel to 300.

No, we really didn’t, but we got one any way.

300: Rise of an Empire will tell the story of the naval battle that ran concurrent with the events of the first 300 film. Although Zack Snyder isn’t directing this time around, it’s apparent that the style established in the first film has been stuck with slavishly.

300: Rise of an Empire will hit theaters on March 7, 2014.