Transformers 6

First comes a Transformers movie. Then comes Michael Bay saying he’s done with the series. Then comes the news Michael Bay is back to direct another Transformers. After each Transformers movie Michael Bay goes on the press tour and tells everyone how making these films takes so much out of him, and he’s going out… read more

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Get ready folks, Paramount and Hasbro are planning to serve up a lot more pain. Hasbro Studios president Stephen J. Davis spoke at MIP Junior in Cannes over the weekend and touched on where the Transformers film franchise is going… and it’s not pretty. Well, you’re gonna see a new Transformers movie coming from Hasbro… read more

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Could there be a Transformers 5 and a Transformers 6? It sure seems that toy company Hasbro thinks so. A recently leaked marketing document from a Toys R’ Us discusses the upcoming plans for promoting the fourth movie, and with a mention of a Dinobots theme – pretty much confirming their inclusion in the fourth… read more

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