Sony Pictures appears to be once again showing that it has no idea what it is doing with these Spider-Man spinoff films. Rumors are circulating that the upcoming Venom movie will be missing, well, Venom. A plot breakdown is circulating that Venom only appears as black veins on Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) throughout the movie… read more


Sony has released the first trailer for Venom and… yeah. Since Venom was announced as a solo film I’ve had some questions about how this would work, and none of them are good. The first trailer for the film definitely is not helping with my fears. Okay, fine, Sony didn’t want to show us Venom.… read more

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Prepare for mass confusion as Sony appears to want to launch its own mini-Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to a report from Collider, the new Venom movie Sony is working on for a late 2018 release will be an R-rated sci-fi film… with no connection to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Just as Marvel and Sony seemed to have… read more

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With Marvel aiding Sony Pictures with its Spider-Man franchise, it seems a Venom spinoff is back in the cards. Sony Pictures had a huge plan of multiple Spider-Man spinoff films, but after the box office performance of Amazing Spider-Man 2, it backed off all of them and finally made a deal with Marvel to merge… read more


Sony has decided it’s time to milk the Spider-Man film license it possesses for every cent it can, even if it means giving villains their own films. It seems every studio wants to build its own comic book universe like Disney has with Marvel: Warner Brothers is working on a DC Universe, Fox is looking… read more

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Rumors are just breaking that Sam Raimi has pulled out of directing Spider-Man 4, and with him goes Tobey Maguire and the rest of the cast. Nikki Finke is reporting that at a meeting on the Sony Studios lot this morning, it was announced that Sam Raimi has left the production of Spider-Man 4, and… read more

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Don’t be holding your breath for Spider-Man 4 to make its planned May 5,2011 release date. Nikki Finke announced yesterday that Spider-Man 4 is on an indefinite production hold due to problems with the script.  The script has already gone through several writers, and Sam Raimi and Sony Pictures have been rumored to be arguing… read more

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