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At long last some official word has come out on the state of Batman 3, and as a bonus, also on a new Superman movie. Nikki Finke is reporting that Warner Brothers has asked Christopher Nolan, the director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, to step into a “godfather” role in regards to what… read more

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I think I would start laughing if I could muster it. Warner Brothers and DC Comics announced earlier this month that the Green Lantern movie, something I have been waiting decades for, will be shooting by the end of the year at Fox Studios in Australia.  The movie is set to begin pre-production in July… read more

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Anyone else remember when it was a special event to see a comic book related movie, and not a seemingly weekly release? New information is popping up all over the place of what the future holds for fans of people in tights fighting… well… other people in tights.  First, here is the current slate of… read more

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Can any one, or anything, stop the money making machine that is The Dark Knight? As the film stands as of today (December 11th, 2008) it has had a box office haul of $530,594,370 domestically and $465,956,888 internationally for a total of $996,551,258 gross. This isn’t to short change the fact it cost $185 million… read more

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The sequel to Batman Begins is filming, this time out, entitled The Dark Knight. This time around, my favorite Batman villain is up to bat (HA!), The Joker. To me, The Joker demonstrates that Batman is as insane as the enemies he fights. Off-kilter, not right in his own head, and coming from a place… read more

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