We’re the Millers

Cheap horror films are slowly taking over the box office, and this is a trend that I’m guessing is going to get only bigger. Insidious Chapter 2 scored the second best opening ever for a film released in Sept. with a massive $41 million haul this weekend off of a $5 million dollar budget. Even… read more

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The fall is here, and the box office is dead, dead, dead. Vin Diesel’s latest attempt to keep the Riddick character alive had a decent start, but not anything groundbreaking. Riddick took in $18.6 million in its opening weekend, but with only a $38 million dollar budget, and a lot of foreign markets to come,… read more

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The Labor Day weekend signals the end of the summer movie season, and somehow a boy band was able to win the final round. One Direction: This is Us ended up taking the top spot this holiday weekend with an estimated $17 million. From here on out it will probably do next to no business,… read more

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The summer movie season is winding down, and it appears there’s going to be a lot of losers when the tallies are added up. Coming in first again this week was The Butler with a healthy $17 million, which is only a 30.9 percent drop from last weekend. It now stands at $52.2 million domestically… read more

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The summer movie season is definitely winding down as action films take a back seat to a character piece. The Butler – I refuse to call it “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” as it sounds stupid as was forced upon the movie by the MPAA over some stupid copyright problem with a silent film – came… read more

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It was a crowded weekend for new releases, and some definitely did a bit more than expected. At the top of the box office Elysium took in $30.4 million, but that is well under Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 opening of $37 million. Seeing as this film had a $115 million dollar budget, things may be… read more

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The quietest weekend of the summer at the box office kicked off the final month of the 2013 summer film season. 2 Guns took the top spot with a fairly weak haul of $27.3 million off of a $61 million dollar budget. Considering I didn’t see any marketing on this film until about three weeks… read more

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Welcome to the third quarter of 2013 and a look at the end of the summer film season! I decided to attempt something new this year where I would make some comments about every major release for the year before they released. I have compiled the list and broken it down by quarter. Wednesday- 1st… read more

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