Why Sucky Movies Suck

Where and how did the Green Lantern movie go so horribly wrong? When the Green Lantern movie came out, it was ravaged by the critics. I figured it had to be at least somewhat of a backlash on it being yet another comic book movie, but now that I have recently gone back and watched it… read more

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Transformers: Age of Extinction isn’t so much a movie as watching one man just give up on even trying to do his job any more. If I were to even attempt to go through everything wrong with the fourth Transformers film, I would wonder why I didn’t just finally sit down and write one of… read more

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Have you ever wondered what makes a sucky movie? Have you ever wanted to know how these train wrecks can happen? I’m here to help. During a recent weekend I decided to burn through some of the movies I rage about on this site on Netflix. Since they’re included in my subscription and I’m not… read more