The X-Files are coming back, and we’re finally getting a taste of what we’re in for. Lets face it, X-Files did not end its hit nine season run on a high note. It had become so bogged down in its alien conspiracy that I’m not sure it knew the entire story any more. The cast… read more


Fox has announced its 2015/2016 schedule, and it’s making a lot of scheduling changes. New shows are in all caps, and all times are Eastern. MONDAY 8 pm Gotham 9 pm MINORITY REPORT TUESDAY 8 pm GRANDFATHERED 8:30pm THE GRINDER 9 pm SCREAM QUEENS WEDNESDAY 8 pm ROSEWOOD 9 pm Empire THURSDAY 8 pm Bones… read more

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The truth is still out there somewhere, and the X-Files plans to find it. After months of rumors and “maybe” comments, Fox on Tuesday officially announced that The X-Files will be returning to the network albeit just for six episodes. And, yes, along with those episodes will comes David Duchovny (Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Scully)… read more

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BBC America, once a bastion of British programming, seems to have completely lost track of its original intended purpose. Last year I complained when it was announced that BBC America was going to start showing Star Trek: The Next Generation.  While I could somewhat grasp the concept as Patrick Stewart is a well respected British… read more

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Time for yet another random movie post where I ramble endlessly about things that probably only matter to me. Always a good time for you, dear readers. X-Files 2 is currently filming in Canada, and the studio has seen fit to release four stills from the shoot. Believe me, the one to the left is… read more

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