X-Men: Days of Future Past

What were the 10 films to bring in the most money in the U.S. in 2014? Lets find out. After celebrating failure yesterday with the biggest box office flops of 2014, it’s time to also celebrate some success. While the international markets have become far more important as of late, some films can still make… read more

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Ever wondered just how many copies of a film get pirated in a year? It may be more than you think. Piracy-tracking firm Excipio has released its annual list of which films were downloaded the most throughout the year via various piracy sites. Now, before you go through this list, I always take these with… read more

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Summer 2014 will go down as one of the quietest in years, and it may also go down as one of the most confusing. The formula for deciding if a film was a hit has changed many times over the years, but as the industry has changed, so has the measure of success. For years… read more

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It appears there is room at the box office for romance in the summer. In a bit of a surprise, The Fault in Our Stars took the top spot at the box office this weekend with a very healthy $48.2 million off of a $12 million dollar budget. While normally double the budget is considered… read more

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Apparently movie audiences were indeed ready for a Disney villain-centric film. Disney’s Maleficent took in a very healthy $70 million at the domestic box office this weekend along with $100.6 in the foreign markets. With an estimated budget of around $160 million it sounds like this one could make it into the black on the… read more

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Yet another movie based on a Marvel comic has won the box office race this weekend. X-Men: Days of Future Past easily won the box office this weekend with a $90.7 million domestic gross. It has taken in another $171 million overseas and already sits at $261 million. This marks one of the best starts… read more

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Not many movie franchises can say they have been around for 60 years and still take the top spot at the box office. Godzilla took the top spot this weekend with $93.2 million, well above its projects that had placed it in the $60 to $65 million dollar range. How it holds up going forward… read more

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X-Men: Days of Future Past is in its last promotional stage and with that comes a final trailer. While the first and second trailer were grim, this one manages to be grim while really getting you into the story and also showing you a taste of the humor you’ve come to expect from these films. Not… read more


A second trailer has been released for X-Men: Days of Future Past, and while it plays up the drama, it also really plays up the number of mutants we’re going to see in this film. For those of you who have read the famous comic storyline, you know the premise of the movie, but this… read more


Empire magazine is turning 25, and what better way to celebrate the premiere geeky movie magazine than with 25 covers depicting the biggest super-hero film ever? Over a 25 hour span Empire released one cover per hour related to X-Men: Days of Future Past. This series of covers gives us the first good looks at… read more

Welcome to the second of four parts of an analysis of every major film release of 2014. Following up on last year’s product, I’m back with a look at the films of 2014. Something different I’m trying this year is you will first get the quarterly breakdowns, and then an overall post will be like… read more

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There will be one less mutant in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past – Anna Paquin’s Rogue has been left on the cutting room floor. It is inevitable that when a film makes it to the editing room that some scenes will be cut. It’s normally not a big deal, but when a fan… read more

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