X-Men: First Class

The sequel to the successful X-Men: First Class film is set to begin filming in January, but it’s not just because it’s finally ready. 20th Century Fox has been anxious to get the sequel to X-Men: First Class rolling, but it ran into a small problem when Jennifer Lawrence, who played Mystique, went on to sign… read more

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Yes, it’s true, a $53.2 million opening weekend is a disappointment in this day and age for big budget films. Add in the fact that Green Lantern was supposed to shepherd in a new age of movies based on DC Comics, and it gets even worse. Where the issues for Green Lantern really kick in… read more

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The latest film from J.J. Abrams, Super 8, had a $37 million opening weekend which surpassed last minute predictions, but still fell short of what the studio was hoping for. On the same weekend last yet, The Karate Kid remake opened to $56 million, far exceeding studio projections, so a low opening for one of… read more

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X-Men: First Class may have won the weekend, but it didn’t perform anywhere close to expectations. Clocking in at $55 million, the newest film in the X-Men franchise beat the debut of the original film from back in 2000, but just barely.  Adjusted for inflation, the prequel fell short of the original based on attendance… read more

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The first full trailer for X-Men: First Class has hit, and … it’s not as bad as I anticipated. While I haven’t been thrilled with the 1960’s setting we’ve seen in the X-Men: First Class pictures thus far, I have to say now that we’ve got some context, it’s working a lot better for me.… read more

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X-Men: First Class is continuing to film, but the first batch of images from the movie are seemingly growing by the day. The other day I showed you some of the first images from the upcoming retooling of the X-Men film series, but now even more have shown up that give you some idea of… read more

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While I’ve given up pretty much all hope for X-Men: First Class to actually be true to the comics, I’ve decided to just enjoy the ride.  Thus far the only images to appear online have been unofficial photos taken at a great distance from the subject matter.  Yesterday an image appeared on MSN that was… read more

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The schedule for comic book movies for the next two years has been shuffled around so much that it has become impossible to know when each is coming out. As I’ve been writing about all the upcoming comic book movies lately, I’ve noticed that some have been dropped into the schedule unexpectedly (X-Men: First Class),… read more

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Mark your calenders, kids.  June 3, 2011 will see the release of X-Men: First Class. This long rumored prequel to the successful X-Men franchise finally found a director in Matthew Vaughn who just came off of Kick-Ass.  So, in other words, 20th Century Fox just hired a director who just had a very mild success… read more

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