Young Justice

DC Universe has finally announced a release date Young Justice season 3, and it’s coming Jan. 4, 2019. I’ve spoken before about how good this show is. The first two seasons are on DC Universe now if you want to catch up before the new season. We’re also about halfway through the first season of… read more


DC has finally announced that its streaming service will be DC Universe, and it even has plans for another series. The upcoming DC Universe has been teased for some time now. Titans, based on the Teen Titans, was the first we knew about after it punted around TNT for a while. Then a third season… read more

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At long last, Warner Brothers has announced that Young Justice season 3 is on the way. There hasn’t been a new episode of Young Justice since March 16, 2013, but Warner Brothers has finally announced that there will indeed be a third season. No premiere date or network partner is known as of yet, but… read more