Zero Dark Thirty

Despite the winter storm, and this same basic story being turned in to a film about every ten years, Identity Thief stole the weekend. Much to everyone’s surprise, Identity Thief over performed by about one-third  at the box office this weekend to take in around $36.5 million. Considering it had a budget of $35 million,… read more

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There appears to be a trend appearing at the box office: 1980s film stars have no mojo left. The Zombie romcom Warm Bodies came in first at the box office this weekend with $19.5 million. A bit of a surprise, but congrats to an off-beat comedy taking the top spot. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters… read more

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It was not a pretty weekend at the box office financially, and the top dog certainly has nothing to crow about. Not surprising me in the least, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters had a very soft opening at the box office this weekend with $19 million off of a $50 million dollar budget. It’s being… read more

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Horror is once again at the top of the box office… and ninth place. Taking the top spot this holiday weekend was Mama with $28.495 million. While not huge, the film only had a $15 million budget, so it’ll probably hit the black in short order when you count in marketing and other associated costs. Zero Dark… read more

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It seems at least some people wanted to journey back to Middle Earth, but not quite as many as a decade ago. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opened at number one this week with$84.77 million, setting a record for a December opening. While it beat out all of the Lord of the Rings trilogy opening… read more

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